Public Relations

Reputation Management

Public relations is uniquely suited to help organizations build and manage reputation. We use it as a tool with which to build awareness, demonstrate credibility, earn trust, and influence behavior.

Media Relations & Basic Media Training

To earn 3rd party visibility for our clients, we engage in purposeful media outreach. We identify timely trend and issue stories, and facilitate expertly-shaped interviews between client spokespersons and members of the media. We also uncover bylined article opportunities for which our clients can directly serve as experts.

Crisis Management

No matter how consistently excellent the customer service, or how mindful the employees, unfortunate situations can occur that have long-lasting negative consequences for an organization. We develop, and if necessary implement, crisis communications plans.

Speaking Engagements & Industry Awards

We identify and optimize opportunities for clients to serve as thought leaders in conferences, workshops, webinars, and industry awards.

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